Principles and Values

Know the guidelines that guide the construction company Camargo Corrêa daily:


  • Appreciation of Life
  • Ethics
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Responsible Action
  • Compliance


  • Safety:
    WE prioritize life and health at work;
  • Client:
    We add value to our clients;
  • People:
    People are essential to keep the company healthy and alive;
  • Meritocracy:
    A fair work relationship for personal and professional development;
  • Result:
    Our excellence leads us to achieve goals and results;
  • Sustainability:
    The economic, environmental and social pillars support our business;
  • Quality:
    Our quality is the base of our accomplishments;
  • Innovation:
    Creativity and action to improve and adapt our activities;
  • Pride to belong:
    Our pride to belong inspires us to act as owners.