Camargo Corrêa participates in the 7th Edition of the Dia do Bem-Fazer

Camargo Corrêa held on August 23rd, the 7th edition of the Dia do Bem-Fazer. 13 projects of the constructor spread throughout Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru participated in the event. There were nearly 1.500 volunteers performing 18 volunteer actions and benefiting approximately 15 thousand people.

The works included improvement in schools, environmental conservation and also renovation of public spaces. The actions encourage volunteer work in the company and enhance the existing bond between the company and neighboring communities, establishing a relationship of harmony that adds value to all.

In Brazil, there are several examples. The work for extension of Av. João Paulo II, in Belém-PA, built a full agricultural nursery in the Machado de Assis Local School, which will produce food free of pesticides for school meals. The work ‘Vila do Mar’, in Fortaleza-CE, chose the ‘Praça do Chafariz’ for revitalization of the area, which now has a new landscaping, gym areas and also included access for disabled people.

The Ponte de Laguna Consortium, in Laguna-SC, renovated ‘Casa de Repouso Santa Isabela’. The work ‘Ponte Baixa’, in São Paulo, for the second consecutive year promoted activities in leisure and services street, with several recreational actions and also ophthalmology and dental care, as well as lecture on energy saving.

Highlight for the action of São Paulo office

The headquarters of the constructor held its action in a public space of the city, in line with the Master Plan goals of São Paulo City. The work aimed at the revitalization of a public square in Vila Nova Jaguaré, west region of São Paulo.  

The place was being used as a parking lot, but the population organized a few years ago to turn it into an environment of coexistence for residents. “There was a Telecenter which offered computer courses to the community, but the project was closed and the space was unassisted. Be part of the dream of that community in a move of urban redevelopment that is taking place in São Paulo was our great booster”, says Priscila Leão, administrative assistant of the Constructor and one of the organizers of the action.

Among the works performed were the painting of a block on the site, placing of apparels within the space, the construction of a park with tires and various recreational activities such as kite workshop.