Camargo Côrrea is voted as 2015 Best Construction Company by the Revista Ferroviária magazine

Camargo Corrêa was voted as 2015 Best Construction Company by the Revista Ferroviária magazine, in an event held last Thursday (14) at the Casa Fasano, in São Paulo. In this event, Raggi Badra, Executive Vice President of Operations, received the 2016 RF award from Cláudio Mendes, Director of Operations of the Carajás Railroad, of Vale.

The winner case applied by Camargo Corrêa details the performance of the company in the Carajás Railroad Extension work, in which the company totaled 200 kilometers of built roads earlier this year, reaching 94% completion of the project. In addition, other key points of this project were the use of two relevant innovations. The first innovation was the use of the New Track Construction, an equipment for the mechanized assembly of railway materials that allows the composition of almost two kilometers of the structure in a single work shift, in addition to building bridges using the "push" method, which provided the execution of 39 spans of 25 meters each in just 6 weeks in the Cajuapara Bridge. 

According to Raggi Badra, "this award is very important to Camargo Corrêa, since this is the main award of the rail industry and it recognizes the intensive and efficient work conducted by the construction company with Vale in the Carajás Railroad Extension work. This award synthesizes quality, safety, innovation and commitment to deadlines, which are principles that are clearly valued by our customers. The award also shows that we are on the right track; however, we still need to work hard in order to achieve excellence. 

Among the people who attended the event were the Governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB), the Secretary of Metropolitan Transport of São Paulo, Clodoaldo Pelissioni, the Senator Blairo Maggi (PR), and the entrepreneur Rubens Ometto, President of the Board of Directors of Cosan, who received the Rail of the Year award. This is the second time that Camargo Corrêa wins the award for best construction company offered by the Revista Ferroviária. The company also won this award due to its performance in the rail industry in 2008.