Questions Frequently

What requirements a company needs to provide Camargo Corrêa?
Construtora Camargo Corrêa is engaged in the search for sustainable development. For this to occur, it is extremely important that suppliers are aligned with our values and commitments.

One of them is to only offer products or services that comply with legislation and industry standards. For this to be possible suppliers must meet recognized quality requirements or contractually defined. It is important that products and services meet the needs of the construction company Camargo Corrêa consistently, have the expected performance and are safe for the purpose for which they are intended.

Camargo Corrêa also has a strong commitment to health and safety of its employees and contractors, to ethics in their relationships with the preservation of the environment, quality and social responsibility.

To access the values and commitments of the Camargo Corrêa, simply access the Supplier Code of Conduct through
How do I provide to Camargo Corrêa?
To provide the Camargo Corrêa you must access to and access to the suppliers menu. Within this item, there is a so-called pre-registration of suppliers page. Clicking on it, you will find the "ask my pre-registration". Accessing it, the portal provides a form in which the applicant must fill in with the details and wait for the return of the company.
How do I pre-register of suppliers?
To perform the pre-registration of suppliers you must access suppliers menu in, and click on "apply pre-registration".

Accessing it, the portal provides a form in which the applicant must fill in the details and wait for the return of the company, if you are interested. Since then, other documents and information will be requested by Camargo Corrêa.
If I do not have longer able to provide for Camargo Corrêa, what should I do?
First, you should seek the CCCC manager to manage your contract or your purchase order for start of negotiations the closure of the commitments entered into.
Why do the pre-registration of suppliers?
In the pre-registration are obtained necessary information to enable the contact of the Construction with your company on any opportunities to supply. The pre-registration does not imply any commitment on the part of Construtora Camargo Corrêa and neither guarantee's supply, but it is essential for the future suppliers record.
What data are required to perform my pre-registration?
To fill the form is necessary to give the information about the institutional data of your company.

Some information is mandatory and others are optional. The questions that must required answers are marked with a red icon.
What is the supply area of Camargo Corrêa?
Corporate Utilities:

It is composed of professionals from materials shopping areas and contracting services that act corporately supporting the supply of works concerning centralized categories, purchasing commodity products, import and export processes providing functional expertise and market intelligence and promoting the development, implementation and multiplication of performance indicators in supplies.

Work supplies:

The works of the supply area is carried out by professionals of the shopping areas of materials and contracting of services that act directly on projects. This makes the purchase of materials, goods and services to gain agility, promotes the local market - contributing to the development of the region - and consequent mind cost reduction.
I already have registration, but I need to update my information. What should I do?
You must access to the pre-registration page providers and click on the option access to my registration. From there, the supplier can update any information.
What is the purchasing portfolio of Camargo Corrêa?
For the supply to works, are contracted suppliers and service providers that have quality and operational efficiency in the following families and categories:

Materials - Steel, additive and derivative, household, food, accommodation, mortar, asphalt, actuator, block, lime, cement, clinker, cover, fuel, connection and accessories, cutting and drilling, cutting and welding, thinner and remover, partition, electrical and instrumentation, safety equipment, light equipment - electric / electronic / hydraulic / mechanical / pneumatic, miter, steel structure, non-metallic structure, exhaustion, explosive, hardware, hand tools, fiberglass liner, gas, grease, cleaning and hygiene , waterproofing, computers, thermal and acoustic insulation, dishwasher, grease, wood, hose, hose, abrasive material, fixing material, metal, landscaping, parts & parts for equipment maintenance, stones, paint, flooring and finishing, plastic and rubber , precast concrete, refractory, cooling, water tank, coating, sanitation, road marking, HVAC system, fire system, drainage system, solvent, telecom, brick, pipe, uniform, valve, ventilation, glass, among others.

Services - Finishing, masonry, frame, landfills, construction, cimbramento / forms, coverage, collection and disposal of waste, concrete, manufacture, maintenance and cleaning, consulting and design, control technology, cutting and bending, demolition, rock blasting, dredging , drainage, concrete structures, foundations, management, cleaning, inspection, installation, concrete launch expert report, transmission line, equipment leasing, leasing of transportation vehicles, maintenance of electronic equipment, maintenance of machinery and vehicles, industrial maintenance , frame assembly, electromechanical assembly, containment works, landscaping, flooring, precast, prestressed, recovery structures, human resources, coating, security and surveillance, insurance, health service, signaling, cargo transport system and people , rail system, earthwork, non-destructive testing and testing, transportation and logistics services, water treatment and sewage, tunnels, urbanization, machining, among others.

Equipment - Tractor and off-road of various sizes and operating weights, trucks and various implements, excavator, loader, heavy tractors, backhoes, graders bike, road rollers and other yellow line equipment, central supply, central storage, central crushing, concrete central and other industrial plants, agricultural equipment, lifting and handling equipment (cranes and cranes of various tonnage), asphalt plant, plant recycling waste composting, light vehicle, van and motorcycle, nautical vehicle - heavy vessel, among others.
What is the Supplier Code of Conduct of Camargo Corrêa?
The Code of Conduct guides the way our suppliers must act with respect to its stakeholders and the government. The principles that guide their attitudes are based on the commitment of Camargo Corrêa Engineering and Construction with the high standards of ethics and sustainability. All suppliers must act correctly, fair and effective in search results, incorporating the values expressed in this Code and observing the internal rules of our company.
What it is for?
The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to establish what the Camargo Corrêa Engineering and Construction mean by ethical conduct and guidelines expected in trade relations with the companies that provide services and products.

We encourage all suppliers to extend these guidelines throughout its value chain, that is, customers, partners, raw material suppliers and service providers, directly or indirectly, related to the activities of the company.
How to access to the Suppliers Code of Conduct of Camargo Corrêa?
The SuppliersConduct's Code of Camargo Corrêa is available in By clicking on "Providers" at the top of the site, you can access the Suppliers Code of Conduct menu.
If any provision of the Supplier Code of Conduct is not being met, how do I notify the company?
For questions or complaints, refer to the Ethics Committee by sending an email to or by phone 0800-7022312. The calls are free and must be made Monday through Friday, from 8 to 18 hours. The e-mails can be sent 24 hours a day.
What are the terms and conditions provided in the pre-registration of suppliers?
For each type of activity there are specific terms and conditions. The available document on the site refers to contracts for services in which the applicant should have a complete understanding knowing that will be part of the contracts and/or purchase orders which happen to be celebrated.
How do I know which work need my type of material?
You must perform, initially, the pre-registration of suppliers. Once the company receives the information, if you are interested, we will contact you for further negotiation.
How to find out what of Camargo Corrêa are in construction process today?
If you need information on ongoing projects, please contact us via the channel "Contact Us", available at the corporate website of the company ( and enter the information you need.