Construtora Camargo Corrêa, the company that gave rise to Camargo Corrêa Group, structure and execute large infrastructure projects with high technical complexity, integrating its businesses sustainability and innovation as differential. Throughout its 75 years has performed more than 500 major projects in the energy, sanitation, mining, oil and gas, ports, airports, roads, transportation systems and industrial constructions. Currently, the construction company is present in seven countries in Latin America and Africa.

Committed to the socioeconomic development of the countries or regions where it operates, the construction company believes that only from the shared value with customers, partners, governments, communities and other stakeholders to which it relates is that our companies become sustainable and consequently, perennial.

In order to strengthen the focus on differentiated service the needs of each client and continuous improvement of production processes, Camargo Corrêa gives special attention to innovation. It acts in the systematization of new techniques and technologies and also involves the training and preparation of more qualified professionals to work in an integrated manner the concepts of quality, safety and sustainability.

About us

Over 70 years dedicated to the development of Brazil and of the World

Camargo Corrêa, company that gave rise to Grupo Camargo Corrêa, consolidated solid reputation of quality, operational excellence and pioneering spirit.

The company stands out for its print quality mark on key projects for socio-economic progress of millions of people.

Know the company’s timeline, translated in some projects:

Highway Banhado Grande

Highway Banhado Grande-Mina da Pesquisa - Mina do Espírito Santo (Apiaí-SP) (earthworks stretch 12km) - First Construction work of Camargo Corrêa

Hydroelectric Plant Jupiá

Civil works, auxiliary works shall and complete electromechanical assemblies of the hydroelectric plant Jupiá - First large dam built by the construction company Camargo Corrêa

Bridge Rio-Niterói

Construction of the Brigde Presidente Costa e Silva (Rio-Niterói)

Hydroelectric Plant of Limoeiro

Construction of the hydroelectric plant of Limoeiro (Armando de Salles Oliveira) in the city of Mococa – SP (Installed power: 28MW)

Electric Power Plant Ilha Solteira

Civil works and complete auxiliary works of the power plant of Ilha Solteira, river of Paraná

Metro of São Paulo Sé

3250m of Tunnel construction in "shield" or "Tatuzão", and station of São Bento, Sé e Luz of the São Paulo Metro, section 3