Camargo Corrêa is reference in the Energy sector in the country and abroad. In Brazil alone over 50% of the entire generating park from water sources has its participation. Aside from this, it is recognized as the major company in the construction of hydroelectric plants.

In the construction firm’s portfolio, the following are recorded:

• 35 hydroelectric plants concluded;
• Over 65,000 MW of power installed;
• Seven thermoelectric plants;
• One nuclear plant.

Camargo Corrêa participated in four of five major hydroelectric plants in the world: Itaipu (the second largest in the world), Belo Monte (the third), Guri, in Venezuela (the fourth), and Tucuruí (the fifth).

 Know some of the projects of Camargo Corrêa:

  • Hydroelectric 14 de Julho - Ceran Complex
  • Hydroelectric Batalha
  • Hydroelectric Campos Novos
  • Hydroelectric Castro Alves - Ceran Complex
  • Hydroelectric Foz do Chapecó
  • Hydroelectric Ilha Solteira
  • Hydroelectric Itaipu
  • Hydroelectric Jirau
  • Hydroelectric Machadinho
  • Hydroelectric Serra do Facão
  • en_USUHE Tucuruí
  • en_USUHE 14 de Julho - Complexo Ceran