Camargo Corrêa is reference in large scale and high complexity projects. In the area of infrastructure, it stamps its name on strategic frameworks in the most diverse sectors with essential projects for the country’s development.

Among them, the Rio-Niterói bridge, the Cumbica, Brasília and Manaus airports, the Castelo Branco and Imigrantes Roadways; the Saõ Paulo Subway – with technological pioneering effort in the use of differentiated equipment, aside from the São Paulo Beltway and the Rio Negro Bridge – the largest cable stayed bridge in Brazil.

The Infrastructure projects of Camargo Corrêa in numbers:

• 10 airports (where three are military bases)
• Three larges ports
• 1,300 km of railways
• 2,500 km of highways and roadways
• 112 km of subway
• 180 bridges
• One shipyard

Know some of the projects of Camargo Corrêa:

  • Railway de Batalha
  • Railway North - South
  • Green Line of Curitiba
  • Metro of Salvador
  • Metro of São Paulo - Línea 4
  • Bridge Rio Negro
  • Redevelopment of the favela Paraisópolis
  • Beltway Mário Covas
  • Highway BR-101
  • Metro São Paulo - Line 5
  • Laguna Bridge
  • Immigrants Highway
  • Sea Village
  • Bridge Rio-Niteroi