Value to the community

Since the phases of prospecting for new business and developing proposals for new developments, Camargo Corrêa incorporated in its strategy to systematically understand the challenges, demands and vocations of the localities where it will operate. In addition, the company seeks to consider opportunities to extend the benefits to the population’s life, by creating value through social projects and volunteer practice . The specific characteristics and needs of the community are the basis for determining the most appropriate projects for the territory, from three lines of action:

Support projects to mitigate risks – The focus of projects and social actions, in this case, is to contribute directly or indirectly toward the mitigation of risks to the undertaking, resulting from vulnerabilities and fragilities in the community, and the reduction of impacts that may be caused by the project to the community itself.

Those that involve actions on environmental education, waste management, conservation of fauna and flora, adequate management of water resources, strengthening of social assistance structures; protection of child and adolescent rights, among others are example of risk mitigation projects.

Early entry projects – They are social actions of quick deployment to placate emergencies or support less complex needs involving media in basic infrastructure, small reforms, specific training of manpower, qualification of local suppliers, mobile libraries and other opportunities detected in each situation.

Legacy projects – In this type of project socioeconomic, environmental and public security indicators are considered that allow an initial assessment of the challenges existing in a given region. Through a process of cooperation, dialogue and participation, in partnership with the Camargo Corrêa Institute and involving various community players - such as community leaders, public authorities, enterprise customer, partners and local and corporate teams - at least one topic and group are chosen to be supported in the territory. The project is born, then a process of co-creation, built from identified opportunities and needs, which can be directed to education, quality of life and leisure, entrepreneurship and the creation of decent work and income, among others, whenever possible, by strengthening public policy.

Construction Camargo Corrêa also values, recognizes and supports volunteer work of employees and their families and creates opportunities, primarily aligned to already developed social projects, in order to contribute to further actions in the localities.

Day Well Do:
Since 2009 , it held the Day Well Do on the third Sunday of August . The event, which was a reference to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Camargo Corrêa Group, has become an annual gathering of solidarity , involving volunteer employees of the Group companies and their families in Brazil and many other countries , private sector partners, civil society and government, all aimed at achieving voluntary actions for the communities in which they live.