Value for the operation

Are part of the Environmental Management System tools focused on waste management, water management, climate change, preservation of air quality, protection and preservation of fauna and flora, land reclamation, among others.

This system is supported and their actions and controls are enhanced by specific projects and programs, such as:

Waste Exchange – Online system that allows trading of waste between company projects and key stakeholders on the matter (collectors, buyers, suppliers, processors, transportations, etc). The plan's goal is to increase by 10% per year the marketing of waste by 2016.

Water Plan – Provides information on the availability of water in the regions where the company operates and minimization of potential impacts that the scenarios of abundance, scarcity or conflicts over water generated around its business and the surrounding communities. The program's goal is to reduce water consumption rate by at least 20% by 2020.

Sustainable Wood – The program allows wood tracking within an area of 18,000 ha. The project went through four phases, which included product tracking from the supplier and the creation of a plan to find eligible logging to participate in the initiative. Another result achieved is the technical support that the company gives to producers to gain FSC certification, required to join the program.

Carbon Management Plan – With new and innovative character in the market of heavy construction, anticipating the regulation of the National Climate Change Policy, it sets goals and reduction commitments of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in the Carmago Corrêa’s construction activities. The plan aims to reduce by 21% of its greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2016 and 37% by 2020.

Natural Resources Plan – It allows possibilities to be evaluated to reduce the dependence on natural resources such as water, sand, crushed stone and wood in the construction of the works.

Big projects for the childhood program – It aims against sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. Program lines of action were developed focused on awareness and engagement of professionals, suppliers and subcontractors in the company's comprehensive protection of children and adolescents and to combat the abuse of their rights. The action also lies in the strengthening of the Child and Adolescent Rights Guarantee System (SGDCA) within the Ideal Childhood Program.

Living with the differences Program – It focuses on promoting the inclusion of people with special needs and apprentices, not only by hiring these professionals, but also with actions aimed at training and raising awareness among other employees on the theme of diversity.


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