Value to the client

Camargo Correa seeks to study and understand the characteristics of each customer and the social and environmental challenges of the projects it undertakes, acting on careful planning and effective operation, aligning with customer strategies for responsible and successful integration of their businesses. 

Recognition by customers and partners:

International Recognition 

United Nations (UN) 2012 - Recognition for excellence in Supplier Management (through Wood Sustainable Design) and Carbon Management (through a specific program on the subject).

National Recognition

Pipeline Minas-Rio - Applause Program - Recognition in five categories for recognition of people’s contributions and ideas that stand out and make a difference in daily activities.

Rail Terminal Ponta da Madeira / ONSHORE - Environmental Management and Attitude Program Officer - Recognition in six categories for outstanding health and safety and  environmental management.

Jirau Hydroelectric Plant - Fish Rescue at the Plant Jirau - Recognition by the entrepreneur consortium ESBR for redemption of shares, removal and relocation of fish, with zero mortality.